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Who are we?

The Campaign Against Corbynism (CAC) was founded by a cross-party group of activists in response to the increasing likelihood that Jeremy Corbyn will be the next British Prime Minister, with all that would entail.

We aim to increase public awareness of the dangers posed by a Corbyn Government, and in particular the historic contempt for fundamental liberal-democratic norms shown by leading figures in the Corbynite project.

We are fervent advocates of Parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and the total rejection of violence as a domestic political tool, and are keen to work with groups from across the political spectrum who share these values.

We’re currently in the process of a phased launch, beginning with our website and social media accounts. Please stay tuned, or better still connect with our Facebook and Twitter accounts, to see what happens next!

What do we want?

To stop Jeremy Corbyn, or someone who shares his political philosophy, from becoming Prime Minister. We believe the historic association of Corbyn, and many of his inner circle, with anti-Semitic racists, terrorists and dictatorial regimes makes him utterly unfit to govern this country.

This is absolutely not a campaign against socialism as an economic philosophy, or the left in general. Indeed many of our supporters, like a significant proportion of the British population, identify with these values. Rather we oppose the brutalisation of these principles by ultra-authoritarians, racists and advocates of political violence.

We aim to unite liberals, conservatives and socialists, who subscribe to fundamental democratic values, against the Corbynite threat.

There are already a plethora of groups which do great work exposing and combating the extreme right, those who reject liberal-democratic values for racist or ultra-nationalist reasons. We fully support their struggle against the far-right, and believe there need to be similar organisations to fight the regressive far-left. At this time, in the UK, we would argue the latter threat is greatest as the regressive far-left have seized control of the apparatus of the Labour Party.

What is Corbynism?

By Corbynism we mean the ideology which fuses statist economic policy, which CAC doesn’t take a position on, with a fiery hostility to the Western (or liberal-democratic) world and the institutions, such as NATO, which underpin its defence. This is based on a mutilated form of anti-imperialism which regards the West as inherently expansionist and exploitative, and thus gives support to just about any organisation, regardless of how oppressive or bigoted, that claims to be anti-Western.

Details on the variety of dictatorial regimes, terrorists, cranks and racists Corbyn and some of those closest to him has befriended and/or defended with can be found in our ‘The case against Corbynism’ section.

What will we do?

We aim to raise awareness of the dangers associated with a Corbyn led Labour government, as well as the wider authoritarian regressive left ideology that would inspire it. To do this we plan to publish articles and reports, build up a network to oppose Corbynism online and engage in on the ground campaigning.

We are interested in working alongside other organisations which share our commitment to basic liberal-democratic values, and the conviction that key figures in the Corbynite movement have challenged or disregarded many of these key values and must be opposed.

As a young organisation our structure and tactics are fluid, and we’re very happy to change our strategy based on what works.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to get involved that would be fantastic! We’re currently undergoing a soft online focused launch so please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates (and ask your friends/family/distant acquaintances/tinder dates to do likewise).

If you have any specific suggestions or would like to get involved further please drop us an email. We’re particularly keen to hear from anyone with skills in graphic design, video editing or research.

We have absolutely no interest in hearing from any racist or far-right groups/individuals and oppose them just as fervently we oppose the regressive far-left. I mean obviously.

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