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An online launch with a bang - blown away by support!

The Campaign Against Corbynism had its online launch a little under two weeks ago, on 19 June. To say we were blown away by the response would be an understatement. We gained over 5,000 Twitter followers within the first 24 hours and have been inundated with emails from people asking how they can help or explaining why they personally are so concerned about a possible Corbyn led Government. Some were deeply moving and we’re sorry if it took us a little while to get back to you – we weren’t expecting anything like this response to our online launch!

We plan our next step to be a physical launch event in 4-6 weeks’ time (date and location TBC). Until this point our campaigning will be restricted to our social media accounts and website. However a lot of work will be going on behind the scenes to finalise our structure and plan the launch event. Please do stay connected to us on social media (links to our Facebook and Twitter on the ‘Contacts’ page) to stay updated.

A few people have quite understandably been asking us about funding. We were launched with a budget of £120 which went on web hosting. Since then some supporters have very kindly sent donations, but to say we’re financially constrained would be an understatement. All of us are unpaid volunteers and we don’t have any offices so 100 percent of the money we receive will go directly towards campaigning work.

Thanks again for the support and I can promise we have big things planned!

By James Bickerton - Director

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